Drawing by Edwin Austen Abbey, 1900-1910

I find it hard to believe that today was the first day of the new year. It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating the start of 2020, unaware of what was to come. I feel grateful that, as of now, my family was (mostly) spared by the pandemic. We still have our jobs and a place to call home, and almost all of our family members are still with us. Sometimes I feel as if I shouldn’t be sad because I am so privileged in so many ways. But the truth is, this year has been challenging. I have to remind myself that it’s okay to be depressed. It’s okay to lack the motivation to do everyday tasks. It’s okay to feel disconnected from the world. The fortune I’ve experienced this year doesn’t cancel out the hardship.

It feels odd seeing others write that they are glad that 2020 is over. I don’t know how the beginning of 2021 will be any different from the previous year. Today felt like just another day in 2020. I called my friends and family. I played with my cat. I felt restless, and I yearned to go somewhere – anywhere just to get out of the apartment. I felt anxious as I thought about all the grading and lesson planning I have yet to do.

I was lying in bed, thoughts spinning like crazy when I remembered that this blog exists. I decided to take some outfit pictures. I took the photos at home, and the outfit isn’t inspiring. However, the images are a good indicator of the direction my style has taken this year -comfort over form.

Cream-colored Imogene+Willie t-shirt; Superdry baseball cap; under eye circles not included
Carhartt jeans- these have a name tag sewn into the waist!
Leather converse with side zips

It’s been tough silencing my anxiety lately, so it was nice to focus on creating these photos. Hopefully I’ll be able to post more often this year!

P.s. If you made it this far, I want to thank you for reading my thoughts. I hope you’re healthy and safe in the upcoming year 💜


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