Hello everyone, I hope that you are healthy and safe!

Today I took the outfit from my last post, and I turned it into an appropriate summer look.

I used the same exact linen shirt and pants as in the last post. Instead of tucking in the shirt, I tied it at the front. I think I could’ve made it a teeny bit shorter, but I didn’t want to scandalize my grandparents. 😉

As you can see, I didn’t add the wool vest this time. I went for lighter accessories, like a pair of sandals and a silk scarf.

I just got this scarf from Etsy! It has a pink and red paisley pattern. I was inspired to buy it after watching a video about Jackie Kennedy’s summer style. She wore her scarves differently, as you can see in this photo, but I prefer wearing mine like a headband.

These gold bumblebee earrings are so cute, and I thought they would go perfectly with the summer vibe.

Today would’ve been the perfect day to go to the beach!

Outfit Details

Linen Shirt: Lizsport, bought at Goodwill

Linen Pants: Mate the Label (I can’t find them on the website anymore)

Sandals: Target (bought them a long time ago)

Scarf: Vera Neumann silk scarf, bought on Etsy

Earrings: Lovisa (Though I highly recommend buying from a small business on Etsy if you can!)

I spent a long time outdoors today, and I sweated less than I did in my last post. 😂 Let me know what you think of the outfit!


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