Hello everyone, I hope that you are healthy and safe! I intended to stay indoors today, so I decided to wear something that I usually wouldn’t in the summertime.

First, I threw on a cream-colored long sleeve linen shirt and a pair of beige linen pants. Sounds summer-appropriate so far, right? Well, I proceeded to add a thick wool vest! I was still under the impression that I wouldn’t be leaving the safety of my air-conditioned house.

I was soon proven wrong! I ended up going out to run some errands. I also had to step out to take some photos for this blog post, of course! Thanks to the heat, I was very sweaty within the first few minutes of being outdoors.

Outfit Details

Linen Shirt: Lizsport, bought at Goodwill

Linen Pants: Mate the Label (I can’t find them on the website anymore)

Wool Vest: Woolrich, bought on eBay (I replaced the original buttons with ones from Hobby Lobby)

Shoes: Indigo Rd, these are similar

Purse: Vintage Coach Willis, thrifted

I was pretty happy with my outfit today, but I doubt I’ll be wearing it again until the weather cools down.

Have you ever worn an outfit that was impractical for the situation?


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