Hello everyone, I hope that you are healthy and safe! I was encouraged by my friends to keep making YouTube videos, so here is a short one!

Outfit details

Shirt: Ganni. I bought it on sale on The RealReal! I think the mock neck makes it more unique than your average striped t-shirt.

Dress: Arielle. This linen dress was definitely an investment purchase. It is SO well made, and I absolutely love it. It’s a little tight around the waist right now because I gained some weight recently.

Shoes: Target. I bought these quite a long time ago. I’ve meant to replace them because they don’t offer any support, but the shoes that I want have been out of stock. This was definitely not the best choice of shoes for a rainy day!

Purse: Vintage Coach Willis. I bought it on eBay! This is my second Coach Willis bag. It’s very roomy, and it dresses up any outfit. It does have quite a long strap, and I’m only 5’5″, so I end up wearing it crossbody most of the time.

Beret (not shown in the video): Thrifted. I’m sorry that I didn’t show it in the video, but it’s almost the same color as my shoes!

Face Mask: Made by a coworker. My mom bought it for me in a forest green plaid pattern that coordinates with most of my outfits!

Umbrella: Stolen from my sister’s ex best friend. They’re never getting it back!

This outfit is one that I could wear over and over and never get exhausted. It’s a little bit classic and a little bit bohemian/tortured artist. Let me know what you think of it!


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