Hello everyone! I hope that you are healthy and safe. I’m writing a review of what has arguably been my best purchase this year! No, I’m not talking about the vintage Polly Pockets that I’ve been scouring eBay for. I’m talking about Aisle period underwear! They have made my periods much more comfortable and much less anxiety-inducing. However, before trying them out, I was pretty skeptical about whether period underwear would work for me. I hope that this post helps you decide whether to give them a try! I formatted this post in an “FAQ” manner, and I included questions that my friends actually asked me when I told them about my period underwear. If you’re not in the mood to read, you can skip to the end and watch the TL;DR video!

Why did You buy period underwear?

I wanted to use a sustainable alternative to disposable menstrual products. In the past, I’ve tried disposable pads and tampons, but I felt incredibly guilty about all the waste they produced. I then switched to organic reusable pads, which moved around a lot and tended to get quite smelly. Then, I switched to a menstrual cup, which I LOVED (and still use regularly) but it could sometimes leak. So I went back to using disposable liners along with the cup, which created much less waste than the giant pads I was using before. However, I still felt guilty about the waste I was creating, and there was still one “zero waste” option that I hadn’t tried out: reusable period underwear. So, I gave it a shot!

Why did you pick this brand (Aisle)?

I saw an old video on YouTube about Lunapads, which is what Aisle used to go by. I looked up their website, and I loved the aesthetic (yes, aesthetic matters to me)! Their photography includes models of all sizes, and their website uses gender-inclusive language. Other brands try to be inclusive but still have gendered language, so I appreciated that Aisle didn’t.

What style/size did you buy?

I bought the Hipster style in size Small. I am 5’5″ and 120 pounds, and I’m normally a size 4-6. The underwear fit perfectly!

How do the aisle period underwear feel?

They feel super comfy! They feel like regular underwear, only more secure thanks to the elastic. I haven’t gotten any wedgies (lol), and I don’t feel gross either! Keep in mind that I do wear a menstrual cup in addition to the underwear, so the underwear is really just there to catch occasional leaks. The underwear does an excellent job of absorbing. I haven’t had any leaks go all the way through, and I no longer find myself worrying about accidents making their way through my clothing.

do they get smelly?

They do get a little smelly, but nowhere near as severely as disposable or reusable pads. It’s only noticeable when I take the underwear off. Neither my boyfriend nor my sister could smell anything while I wore them (yes, I asked them to take a sniff)!

How do I wash/dry them?

I recommend hand washing your underwear using something mild like liquid dish soap and cold water. However, if you’re squeamish about hand washing you can throw your underwear in the washing machine with dark colors. I also recommend hanging the underwear to dry so that the elasticity doesn’t get ruined. I’ve seen YouTube videos where people run their underwear through the dryer, and the undies lose their shape.

Can I use period underwear without a menstrual cup?

Yes, you can! Especially if you have a lighter flow. Unfortunately, I have a heavier flow, so I have to use a menstrual cup to feel comfortable. I only skip the menstrual cup in the last couple of days of my period. If you wanted to use period underwear on their own, you could always change your underwear throughout the day as you would with pads. In that case, you would need a wet/dry bag like this to hold your underwear until you get home.

Are they worth the price?

Yes, most definitely! I used to spend about $15 per month on disposable menstrual products. In a year, I would spend about $180. Last month I bought 2 pairs of Aisle underwear (for $80) that I can use for years and years. You can end up saving a lot of money in the long run if you are able to invest now! I would buy period underwear even if I didn’t save money, just for the comfort/peace of mind that they offer.

how many should I buy?

That depends on whether you plan to use the underwear along with a menstrual cup, or on their own. If you’re using the undies with a cup, I think 2 underwear is enough. You can wear one the whole day without issue, as the menstrual cup is doing most of the work. You can switch to clean underwear at night, hand wash the dirty one, and let it air dry overnight. That’s what I’ve been doing, and it’s working great! My underwear is always dry by the time I’m ready to switch.
If you’re interested in using the underwear without a menstrual cup, you’ll need to buy more. I can’t give you an exact number, but I’d say 3-5 underwear would be good. It all depends on your flow and how often you’d be changing underwear.


I’m never going back to pads/tampons of any kind. I love my period underwear! Along with my menstrual cup, they make it feel like I don’t even have my period.

I hope that this post helped answer some of your questions about the Aisle period undies! Feel free to comment below if there’s anything that I missed.


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