Auguste Vacquerie at a Window, Marine Terrace; by Charles-Victor Hugo with Auguste Vacquerie; 1819 – 1895

Hello everyone, I hope that you are healthy and safe at home! Can you believe that I didn’t leave my house for thirty days? I guess it’s not that crazy given the current situation, but it was a big change for someone who is used to leaving for work most days!

Here’s a bit of backstory as to why I haven’t gone outside:

My boyfriend got sick last month. He complained that he felt hot and that he had a headache. I initially brushed off his comments, because he’s a pretty big baby about anything remotely painful! But on the second day of complaints, I began to take him seriously. We drove around to several stores and snagged the only thermometer we could find. It turned out that he had a fever of 102 degrees!

A couple of days later, I fell sick too. I had intense body aches, fatigue, and I was coughing. My boyfriend still only had a fever, and he tested negative for both flues. At this point, I was sure we both had COVID-19 because our symptoms were so different. My boyfriend got tested for COVID-19 a couple of days later (I couldn’t go because I had to work from home). The results came back positive 9 days later.

We’ve been very lucky to have a supportive family that can go grocery shopping for us so that we don’t put others at risk. I’m so appreciative to have a job that I can work from home. We’re also fortunate that my boyfriend got paid sick leave!

We went out for the first time a couple of days ago to get tested for COVID-19 (the FL Department of Health told us to get two negative results before going to public places). The results came back the very next day, and they were negative! I’m excited to be one step closer to going for a walk and going out to the grocery store.

Until then, I’ll be teaching from home, playing video games, and eating a lot of unnecessary pizza rolls. Mom, if you’re reading this, I’m running out of toilet paper…



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