The other night my partner and I went to a chill “bonfire” hang out at his friend’s house. It was a pretty cold night for South Florida, about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so they wanted to have smores and some beer. I was a bit grumpy that night and didn’t feel like going. However, a coworker of mine was going, and the smores sounded so tempting that I just couldn’t stay at home. I’m happy that I went along because that’s where I learned about interviewing tarot decks!
One of our friends recently got back into tarot. She learned how to use them when she was younger, thanks to her grandma. At the bonfire, she asked if anyone would like a reading. Of course, I and several others took the offer! Before starting, she explained that her deck only answered serious questions, and didn’t want to answer anything about “trivial” things like love. She told us that she had interviewed her cards before using them. At first, I was like, “Wait, you can do that?” Then I was like, “I need to do that!!”

My tarot deck!

Of course, I was much too tired that night to interview my deck. I ended up doing it a couple of days later. In case anyone is interested, I used this spread.

These were the results!

I have a terrible memory, so I usually try to gain meaning intuitively (looking at the images). Then I read multiple books/online sources to see how others interpret them. This is how I understood the cards:

What is your most important characteristic? (Six of Pentacles)

Coincidentally, the friend who did the bonfire readings got the same exact card for this question! To me, this card has to do with generosity and the balance between giving and taking.

My deck has a lot of wisdom to share with me.

What are your strengths as a deck? (Queen of Cups)

The Queen of Cups is my favorite card, so I was delighted to see it in this position.
My deck’s strengths lie in emotional healing, compassion for others, and reflecting the unconscious in others so that they can be more self-aware.

What are your limits as a deck? (Seven of Wands)

The Seven of Wands has to do with moving forward, being focused, and being courageous when challenged.

My deck doesn’t offer practical advice for protecting your success or moving on when things become tough. It focuses more on the internal rather than the external.

What are you here to teach me? (King of Wands)

My deck wants to push me to rely more on my logic, and it wants to teach me about communication, diplomacy, and courage. The King of Wands is associated with Aries (my sun sign!). This is probably a good thing- no one ever thinks I’m an Aries! Lol.

How can I best learn and collaborate with you? (The Star)

The Star comes after the chaos of The Tower. It reminds me of peace and healing. I have to approach my deck with openness about my emotions and the possibilities we could create. My deck is asking me to believe in myself and be hopeful of the future.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? (Three of Pentacles/ The Hanged Man)

I pulled two cards for this question because I felt the need to!
The first card, the Three of Pentacles, tells me that we will have a relationship that both of us feel listened to. The likely result of this is the achievement of my goals. I also think that it’s telling me that by working with my deck to figure out my emotions and unconscious wants, I can improve my relationships with others. Therefore, I’ll have more people to rely on.

The Hanged Man has to do with sacrifice and imagination and seeing things from a new perspective.

My deck is telling me that I’ll be letting go of old ways of thinking, and though it may be uncomfortable, it’ll lead to a new kind of wisdom.


I’m glad to have interviewed my tarot deck! I learned a lot about our relationship. Now I understand why it always focuses on emotions rather than solving external problems.

Have you interviewed your tarot deck? If not, is it something you’d be interested in doing?

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