Harvest Moon, by George Inness, 1891

Every once in a while, I take it upon myself to make a list of things I’m grateful for. If you journal or blog, I encourage you to do the same!

Some of my tips for gratitude journaling:

1. Do it when you have time and space to just yourself.

2. Keep it short. Writing about a few things in detail is much better than writing a super long list with no explanations. (Of course, if all you want to write is “family”, that’s fine too!)

3. Don’t throw your list away! Look back on it every once in a while to reflect on what was most important to you.

What I’m grateful for at this moment:

  • 1. I have a week long break from work! I’ve been so stressed out lately and this week feels like heaven.
  • 2. I have my apartment all to myself until the evening. (Can you tell I’m an introvert?)
  • 3. My cat is asleep instead of chomping on my arm for once.
  • 4. My mom actually wants me to move back in with her! Believe it or not, I really missed my family and I can’t wait to be back.
  • And that’s it! My mood is better already 🙂 Link me to your gratitude list if you decide to make one!