Here are some things that I’ve been loving on Etsy! I love items with a rustic, natural feel. I rarely shop for clothes on Etsy anymore (I can never find things I LOVE within my price point), so most of my favorites list is comprised of accessories with a sprinkling of home decor.

1. Christmas Ornaments Set by Intres

These are supposed to be Christmas ornaments, but I would display them in my room year round! I think they would look cute with my cozy decor theme.

2. Poppies in the Pocket by FoxyChest

I love almost every dress that FoxyChest posts on their shop. I’m planning to put some money on the side so that I can purchase one eventually. The shop also makes beautiful hand embroidered coin purses and pencil bags. I just can’t get enough!

3. Pressed Flower Necklace by FlowersFadeJewelry

This necklace is absolutely gorgeous. I am very picky about composition when it comes to pressed flower pieces, so finding ones I like is sometimes difficult. This shop knows what they’re doing!

4. Pearl Drop Earrings by BlingNiks

I went on a huge search for pearl earrings with a twist. I was inspired by Taehyung rocking a matching set. Most of the earrings I found were meant for brides and were very basic. However, I liked this pair because the wire leaves were interesting, yet still subtle.

5. Wooden Araki Comb by ArakiCrafts

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a wooden comb. You’re probably like, “who cares about a comb?” But I like wooden combs because they absorb oils and condition your hair better. However, I have wavy/sometimes curly hair, so I only comb my hair when it’s wet. I’m not sure if a wooden comb would last that long if used so often on wet hair! If I decide to go for one, I’ll definitely get it from this shop, as their combs are handmade and I love the floral accents.

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