It’s been pretty gloomy in South Florida lately, with lots of cloudy and rainy days. I don’t mind the rain that much because I tend to stay home most of the time anyway! I’m not working at the moment, so I’ve been taking advantage of my free time to read, knit, and watch those movies that I never got around to.

Being at home has also made me want to dress in comfy outfits that I could run to Publix in, if I really needed to. I’m a girl that loves being in pajamas, but the Capricorn moon in me tells me that I’m a failure if I don’t get dressed up. So what’s my solution?

DRESSES! Dresses that are much too big on me, in comfy linens and cottons.

Can you spot my knitting? 😋 It’s barely sticking out of the bag!

This particular dress is a size 10, which is three sizes too big for me, but I love the way it looks with a blouse layered underneath. I got this one on Depop not too long ago, and I’ve worn it so many times already! I think I’ll have to invest in one more so that I don’t wear the fabric out.

I wish that there were some cute tea shops or bookstores around my area, because I’d love to hang out in a quiet, cozy space outside of my home. It’s a shame that the library closest to me is actually quite noisy. 😅

I hope you all enjoyed! How do you like to stay comfy but cute?

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