My brother and sister called me Esmeralda today (as in the Hunchback of Notre Dame lady). They almost always have snarky comments about my outfits. Usually they’re something along the lines of “Hey, grandma’s home!”, or “You look like [insert cartoon character/BTS member here].” I find it funny most of the time… Emphasis on most.

I found these earrings while thrifting last week. There wasn’t a lot of jewelry to go through that day, and I was feeling disappointed until I found these. They’re black with gorgeous gold detailing. They’re clip-on, but they’re very comfy to wear!

I’ve been absolutely in love with this necklace since the day I got it! It was designed by Diana Chamomile, my favorite YouTuber. The charm is cherry shaped and says “mon cheri” on it. It makes outfits so much sweeter.

Here’s a bonus pic with Suki! I think she would agree that I don’t look all that much like Esmeralda.

Top: Goodwill

Skirt: Goodwill

Earrings: Red, White, and Blue Thrift

Necklace: Julbox

Headband: Forever 21

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