My skincare routine is ever changing, partly because I’m always on the hunt for better products and partly because I can’t always afford to repurchase items. However, this is the stuff that’s been working for me as of late!

Just a disclaimer: I have combination skin that easily gets dehydrated. My biggest concern is keeping my skin from getting dry, even if it means that I end up with a little more shine. My skin is also not that sensitive. What works for me may not work for you!

Step #1: Cleanse

Rosehip Plus Organic Daily Cream Cleanser & Purifect Rose Micellar Water

When most people think of cleansing they probably think of using some sort of face wash and water. However, most of the time this is what I do:

  1. Cleanse with a cream cleanser (Currently the Organic Daily Cream Cleanser from Rosehip Plus). Cream cleansers are less harsh than foam cleansers, so they’re great for dry skin!
  2. Cleanse with micellar water (Right now I’m using the Purifect Rose Micellar Cleansing Water). I use this just to get any leftover makeup off my face. The Purifect one doesn’t irritate my eyes, so it’s good for taking off mascara.

I use absolutely no water on my face. I simply apply the products to reusable hemp rounds and wipe off the grime!

Step #2: Tone

Olivia Care Organic Rose Water Mist

Lately I’ve been using an organic rosewater mist from Olivia Care, though in the past I’ve used coconut water & witch hazel.

Step #3: Exfoliate

Mary Kay Timewise Night Solution

Right now I’m using the Mary Kay Night Solution that I bought from my boyfriend’s mom out of politeness, but I definitely will not be repurchasing. It’s not a bad product, (it’s made my skin texture smoother), but the effects don’t justify the price. I want to try The Ordinary’s lactic acid formula as I’ve heard good things about it.

Step #4: Sheet Mask

I don’t always do this step, because let’s be real, sheet masks can get expensive. But when I do, I go for ones with moisturizing properties. Sadly, I haven’t found a sheet mask that I really love, but I have high hopes for the Medi-Heal ones that I just received in the mail not too long ago!

Step #5: Moisturize

This is really where I pull out ALL the stops. First, I use the Hydration Gel from People for Plants. It contains glycerin and aloe vera, and it absorbs quickly. If you have oily skin you could probably stop there, but I follow up with the Neutrogena moisturizer for sensitive skin. If my skin is feeling really dry I’ll add a cream on top (right now I use another Mary Kay product that I do not recommend). Finally, I top it all off with Purifect Rosehip seed oil. I know that some people like to add oils underneath something more occlusive, but using it as the last layer works best for me.

Step #6: Sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep makes such a huge difference. If I get anything less than nine hours of sleep, my skin is just not the same.

In the morning, I simply use my People for Plants moisturizer (which is amazing as a makeup primer!), my Neutrogena moisturizer, and some sunscreen. I have yet to find the perfect sunscreen, so if you have any recommendations, comment them below!

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