It used to be that I could slather on any makeup product without checking the ingredients first. But lately, I’ve been wondering about what goes on my skin. I started looking up some of the ingredients that were in my cosmetics. What I found was really scary: that a majority of them have been found to be irritating or toxic to the body, and here I was, applying them to my skin daily. I stopped using all of my cosmetics that same day.

I embraced the makeup-less life for exactly three days (lol). Then I began to miss choosing what lipstick to wear, or what kind of eyeliner to do. I’ve always used cosmetics as a way to express how I’m feeling, so cutting it out completely wasn’t going to work. I came across some “natural” beauty bloggers on YouTube. I didn’t even know that natural makeup products were a thing before that point!

So long story short, I binge-watched videos about natural beauty products, felt super overwhelmed, and then hit up Etsy. I found a ton of shops on there that sell makeup with natural ingredients! Now I have a basic makeup routine down, with a CC cream, concealer, face powder, bronzer, and a few lip products. I don’t look super polished, and I’m still using a couple of my old products (it’s kind of a waste to just dump them). But I definitely feel better about my choices now.

If you’re interested in learning more about the ingredients in your cosmetics and skincare, check out the resources below! I’m still learning a lot about ingredients, and I’m sure that the resources I listed explain them better than I could.

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

If there’s only one resource you check out, make it this one.

Chemicals of Concern


Awesome channel run by Brianna! I found her to be the most helpful, and she’s been blogging FOREVER.

Ingredients to Avoid

My Definition of “Natural”/Ingredient Standards

The Green Bunny

My favorite natural beauty channel!

Guide to Going Green

I switched to a natural shampoo and conditioner a super long time ago because I have wavy hair (and sulfates and silicone aren’t great for it). I also use a natural deodorant, but for some reason switching my makeup never occurred to me. How do you feel about the ingredients used in cosmetics? Do you think you’ll be changing some of your products?

4 thoughts on “Switching to Less-Toxic Makeup!

      1. No problemo ā¤ I'll have a review of it up soon! It's a little pricey compared to deodorants at the supermarket/drugstore but it's totally worth it, in my opinion.

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