ootd 6-29-16 1.2

My computer overheated. The amount of oil on my face could cook a KFC family dinner. MY FEET ARE SWEATING, PEOPLE. It’s 89 degrees outside today, and I almost didn’t go out to take these photos.

ootd 6-29-16 3

I have a bit of an issue. I only have one pair of shorts that actually fit me, and those are the ones that I featured in my last post. So, I’ve been getting through this heat by wearing mostly breezy pants and tops. This outfit is the perfect example. The striped top has a side slit that comes up pretty high and catches the almost nonexistent breeze. The sleeves can be rolled up, and there are buttons down the front that can be opened if I feel like scandalizing my elderly neighbors.

The jeans aren’t actually that cool (I’m talking about temperature, not style) but the cropped length and the ginormous holes in the knees help out a bit. Finally, the sandals add some height, which I like because my favorite thing to do is stand next to my mom and make her look short. They’re actually new-to-me sandals that I got on Depop. They seem to be from the 90s (they’re chunky and have that square toe thing going on).

ootd 6-29-16 4

I bought these earrings at Walmart yesterday. One of them broke while I was trying them on and I was pretty bummed, but I managed to fix it with some Gorilla Glue. If I wear them with a fluffy ponytail I look like an 80s pop star.

 Top: Steps New York

Pants: Garage Clothing

Shoes: Nine West, bought on Depop (@sugarlift)

Earrings: Walmart

I’m hoping I can DIY some shorts soon! What are you guys wearing to beat the heat?

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