Hope II, by Gustav Klimt. Someone buy me a print of this please.

I’ve dealt with depression for a long time. Today I woke up not feeling so great, so I decided to make a post that will hopefully help someone else! Here are some things I do that usually help improve my mood and energy:

#1: Take a walk.

I tend to feel sad when I spend several days in a row inside a studio making art (and little to no time just having fun/socializing). I like to take a walk around my school’s nature preserve to get a breath of fresh air, some sunlight, and to clear my mind.

#2: Stay off social media.

It’s a waste of time, and it doesn’t make me feel any better.

#3: Watch Bob Ross.

His voice is so soothing, and he’s super encouraging. Plus, I always end up learning a thing or two about painting!

#4: Paint/draw/doodle

I only do this when I’m not stressing out about my art courses, because otherwise it’s counterproductive. It’s really helpful in keeping my mind off bad thoughts!

#5: Treat myself to a long bath/shower spa session.

When I do this I take a longer shower and/or use hotter water.  I also use an insane amount of lotion and perfume. Sometimes if I’m really feeling it I’ll paint my nails! These little everyday tasks can be hard to do when I’m not at my best mentally or emotionally, so I always feel really accomplished after this.

I hope this helps! Take care~



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