I love Etsy. I LOVE Etsy. I go on Etsy every day.

(P.S. That was an Oprah reference. #Bye)

I usually don’t mind browsing through pages and pages to find the perfect item. But, when I’m feeling lazy I can definitely count on the following shops to find great items:

Myron Street Vintage

I don’t know what I love more- the clothes or the modeling. I’ve yet to buy anything from this shop, but quite a few of their items have made their way into my favorites!

myron street vintage Collage

The Reserve

This is by far my favorite shop for leather goods. The shoes are organized by size which makes it easy to browse, and they’re always in good condition. I actually just bought this pair of mules from there!

the reserve collage


Pintody is my absolute favorite jewelry shop. They have great western style pieces. I haven’t bought anything from there recently (my last purchase was about two years ago). I really love their larger pieces- like this cuff– even though I would probably never wear them. I think these earrings are going to be my next purchase!

pintony collage


Bibliographica kills me in the best way possible. It’s a shop that sells hand bound journals, often made from reclaimed materials such as leather, hand stained paper, and maps. My favorites tend to be the leather ones with lace detailing. They’re pretty pricey, which is to be expected due to the amount of work that goes into them. They’ll be on my wish list for now!

bibliographica Collage

What are some of your favorite Etsy shops?

One thought on “My Favorite Etsy Shops

  1. Great finds! My favorite Etsy shops are SuAmi for the most shockingly cute tiny crocheted animals, Dare2BStylish who makes most of my clothes, PeterEmmerich for really fantastic retro-style art prints, PaulMichaelDesign for unbelievable fine geek jewelry, and EtoiDesign for gorgeous felt and leather bags.

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