My camera is officially useless! I’ve had the same Nikon point and shoot for about three years now, and it’s been giving me issues for months. It randomly overexposes shots, and it doesn’t really focus that well most of the time, hence the grainy photos below.Β  Let’s pretend I was going for that aesthetic πŸ˜‰

ootd 3 11 16 1

This past week was full of boring outfits for me. It was mostly plain t-shirts, pants, and ballet flats because I didn’t want to head to the ceramics studio in nice clothing. I like having outfits that make me look a little different, not outfits that make me blend in, so I didn’t feel like myself. That’s why I decided to break out my typical “art student” look yesterday: a graphic tee, high waist jeans, and boots.

ootd 3 11 16 4
T-shirt: Etsy // Jeans: Garage Cropped Roller Jeans // Boots: Etsy // Bandana: Dollar store

ootd 3 11 16 2

These boots have been through a lot. I don’t take as good care of the suede as I should! They’ve got a serious 90’s square toe going on.

I think what kept this outfit from veering into the “boring” category for me was the proportions. The jeans were high waisted and cropped, and with the addition of the boots, they made me look a lot taller than I actually am. The bagginess of the t-shirt emphasized my waist, and the bandana added some daintiness to my neck. I’ll probably be replacing my usual uniform with similar outfits!

I’m sad that I didn’t get any full-body shots that were in focus 😦 Let me know if you guys know of any good, affordable cameras to replace mine! Hopefully I can get a new one soon.



4 thoughts on “OOTD- 3/10/16

    (And I do wish I had a better view of the ~90’s square toe~ because I was oddly intrigued about that?)
    And ugh, affordable cameras. It’s been a while since I looked at new releases, but good luck on the camera hunt 😦


    1. THANKS BOO ❀ If your lipstick doesn't match your t-shirt, you're doing it wrong! If you google image search "90s square toe" you get a pretty good idea of what they look like. Sadly all my toe shots were out of focus 😦 (also thanks WordPress for giving me super late notifications??)


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