I’ve decided to go without shopping at fast fashion stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Zara. It’s difficult for me to support clothing companies that aren’t transparent and ethical in their practices. Instead, I plan to purchase clothing secondhand online or from thrift shops. The only exceptions I’ll make are for shoes and maybe some accessories, because those are the hardest things for me to find secondhand.

I went to a new Goodwill with my mom and grandma last week, and I managed to get a whole outfit! I almost purchased a denim suit as well, and now I’m kicking myself for not grabbing it while I could (it fit perfectly!).

thrift haul february 3

The first top I grabbed was this red and navy blue mock neck top. I really liked the way the stripes curved around the collar. I also tried on this leather skirt at the last minute and I ended up loving it! It has a nice A-line shape, and it’s really soft leather.

thrift haul february 2I didn’t intend to buy a purse, but I found this cute shoulder bag in a pile of crummy clutches. It’s a faux patent leather and closes with a gold clasp. It’s unique and I don’t have any small black bags in my collection, so I think I’ll get a lot of use out of it.

thrift haul february 1
City Silk turtleneck, Rampage Leather skirt, Covington jacket


The last thing I got was this jacket. It’s black with a dusty purple floral pattern all over. It almost looks like a bomber jacket, but the shape in the back is more like a blazer. I’m pretty sure it’s a size Large (the tag is cut off). I stitched the cuffs and I plan to add darts to the back so that it looks a bit more fitted. It has a soft velvet-like texture!

That’s what I got! I’ve already worn these items more than once and I’ve only had them for a week. Which piece is your favorite?

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